Securing WordPress In Easy Way

Hey there, We know that WordPress is powering more than 20% of the websites in internet for the moment for many reasons: Flexible Plugins Easy to use and develop All of these reasons,makes WordPress the 1st choice of developers and in the same time the target number one for hackers and scammers and they working… Read More »

Hello world!

Hey there, This is the first post after renewing the website…. Many of my friends asked me why I changed the name from Bring it Simple to Easy As Eat,well it’s a result of many things happened to me,the first one is that I’d lunched the website before I went to pass my military service… Read More »

How to download any video from YouTube and DailyMotion

Hello, Today I’m gone show how to download any video from YouTube and Dailymotion with Firefox Browser using many of plugins Lets start with first plugin Click YouTube Video Downloader go to the link and install the plugin,after installation firefox will request a restarting,than when you watch any video on YouTube you will be able to… Read More »

Bee Box,great tools for web app security testing

To apply what we learn on Information Security we need a safe environment to ensure that we learn well and we are safe.To do that we have 2 options:the first one is registering for a safe environment with a very high price,the second option is to install a virtual machine with an CTF game(Catch The… Read More »

Developing Arduino Using Sublime Text

When you try to develop a big project using Arduino,specially when you use the default Integrated Development Environment,you feeling suck because of this IDE does not complete automatically the code so a lot of time you have a lot of bugs when you try to compile your code. For that,we have an awesome solution…we will… Read More »